(2012​-​2019) The secrets of Chartres

by Mathias Grassow

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James The Secrets of Chartres recording is particularly nice for a late night walk - it makes for a perfect night time soundtrack. Here we get the blending percussive parts with the brood of peaceful ambient dronescapes which move in the signature Grassow way. Really nice work! Favorite track: Labyrinth of joy in silence.
Gary Zaepfel
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Gary Zaepfel Another fabulous set of deep, gently shifting, calming drones. A-plus.


The Cathedral of Chartres is a small wonder and certainly one of the most remarkable churches in the world. In addition to all kinds of inexplicable things, we also find such special features as the labyrinth embedded in the ground.
Anyone who is able to get involved in the miracle of this church will be filled with the idea that grandeur and silence can go hand in hand with joy.
The tracks are composed between 2012, with additions in 2019 - The complete mix and refreshing was done in may 2019.
Based on ancient shamanic ceremonies and free live improvisation.
A very gentle hand made the archaic sound audible without destroying it by sterility. The roughness and the impetuous analogue sound is exactly wanted so !
Special price for almost four hours ambient in the usual depth.......
ATTENTION ! Please visit : soundcloud.com/mathias-grassow for sound samples in wav quality !


released May 9, 2019

Thanks to Cornelia Kern for cover layout & support !
Dedicated to NOTRE DAME de Paris.
This album can be heard in direct connection with my "Harmonia mundi" :


"As a part of the harmonia mundi journey, the 'Chartres' album once more explores the deep mystery of mystical space.The powerful effect of the cathedral is in the LIGHT, which fills the space of the cathedral like a rhythmic fluid, comparable to the dark-red-violet light of gothic domes....This evokes the cleansing of our hearts within their worlds of truth, wisdom and love."

In depth,
Mathias Grassow


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